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Everything you Need to Know About Surfing in Guatemala

Surfing in Guatemala

Surfers began making the trek to Central America in search of waves in the 1970s. By the 1990s, destinations like Costa Rica and Mexico became mainstream surf trip destinations, thanks in part to films like Endless Summer II. Shortly after, Nicaragua and El Salvador became staples on every US surfer’s vacation list. Guatemala, however, went largely ignored. Even though Guatemala’s south-facing coast is completely out of the shadow of the Galapagos Islands, and is therefore a swell magnet for year-round south swells, surfers have only recently begun to realize the country’s potential. The handful of surf breaks that make Guatemala’s Pacific include powerful, hollow beach breaks and long points that break year-round. If you’re wondering when and where to surf in Guatemala, continue reading below for Everything you Need to Know About Surfing in Guatemala.

Best time of year for surfing in Guatemala

Just like its Central American neighbors, Guatemala’s swell season coincides with its Rainy Season during the Northern Hemisphere summer. Because of Guatemala’s completely south-facing coast, even small, off-season south swells produce quality surf when they hit Guatemalan shores. So, you can surf year-round in Guatemala. At our home break in El Paredón, the summer months bring consistent large south swells that give us a summer of powerful surf. On the rare occasion, El Paredón is maxed out, we head to Iztapa to ride the right-hand jetty point that only works on larger swells. During the dry season, which coincides with the Northern Hemisphere winter, we have light winds and fun size swells.

Guatemala surf spots

Guatemala’s Pacific Coast stretches for 180 miles and is packed with reliable sandbars and river mouths that produce quality surf year-round. Our favorite Guatemala surf spot is our home break, El Paredón. El Paredón is a lengthy beach with plenty of quality sand bars. The wave at El Paredón varies significantly based on the tide and swell size. During low tide, the wave at El Paredón produces high-quality sand bottom barrels that work at almost any size. During large swells at low tide, El Paredón is a heavy-lipped, hollow wave where you may get the barrel of your life. At high tide, the wave at El Paredón turns long-walled and rippable, like a warm-water Trestles. For more Guatemala surf spots, click here.

What to bring on a Guatemala surf trip

While El Paredón may be easy to get to, finding boards and surf supplies in El Paredón and around Guatemala is a challenge. We keep a few essentials stocked at our El Paredón hotel, like extra leashes, fins, and sunscreen, but we still recommend coming prepared for surfing in Guatemala. For a trip to El Paredón. Pack your favorite high-performance board, something fun like a fish for high tide, small days, and a step up if you feel like paddling out when the swell is maxing. Make sure to bring extra fins and leashes, a ding repair kit, and plenty of sunscreen.

Surfing in Guatemala is like traveling back in time to an age before crowded surf trip lineups. Join us in El Paredón for the trip of a lifetime. To book your stay at Cocorí, click here.

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